Local Advisory Groups

To help draft management plans and zoning arrangements for South Australia's 19 marine parks, DEWNR established 13 Marine Park Local Advisory Groups (MPLAGs) in addition to the existing Great Australian Bight Consultative Committee (GABCC).

One of South Australia's largest community engagement programs, the MPLAGs were made up of recreational fishers, local council representatives, conservationists, commercial fishers and other community interest groups.

Five rounds of MPLAG meetings were held between February 2010 and May 2011 in a bid to get the best available local information from people who live or work near a proposed marine park.

The GABCC and MPLAGs have brought together different community views on marine park zoning. Their advice to the Government on their preferred sanctuary zones was finalised in May 2011.

See how the GABCC and MPLAGs developed their preferred sanctuary zone scenarios:

The advice from the GABCC and MPLAGs will be carefully considered as the State Government drafts marine parks management plans with zoning.

The draft management plans will be issued for formal community consultation in late 2011, accompanied by impact statements setting out the expected environmental, economic and social effects of the draft plans.

DEWNR preliminary sanctuary zone scenarios (November 2010)

DEWNR issued the GABCC and MPLAGs with preliminary sanctuary zone scenarios in November 2010, as a starting point for community discussions. These are provided below as historical context only.