Fishing restrictions

Sanctuary zones protect approximately 6 per cent of our coastal waters ‑ that means you can still enjoy recreational fishing in 94 per cent of our state waters, including public jetties, breakwaters and popular beaches.

Sanctuary zones within marine parks have been set aside to help protect breeding grounds and other areas vital to marine life.

What are the rules in the sanctuary zones?

Sanctuary zones are ‘no take’ areas, meaning you can’t collect, fish or use fishing gear in them.

Most other recreational activities, such as sailing, diving, kayaking, surfing and swimming are welcome in sanctuary zones.

You can also anchor and motor your boat through a sanctuary zone, which includes having fish and fishing gear on board while passing through a sanctuary zone.

What are the penalties for doing the wrong thing in the sanctuary zones?

First time offenders will be given a formal warning and information about sanctuary zones. Second offences may attract an expiation fee of $315. Serious or repeat offenders may face a maximum penalty of $100,000 or imprisonment for two years.

Where can I get maps of the sanctuary zones?

To get maps of the sanctuary zones and find out where you can fish download one of the following resources:

Where can I get more information?