Our first dive was pure magic... Swaying kelp covered the open ground, home to a thousand fish. Abalone crowded the ledges and crayfish waved their pale feelers as we passed.

Valerie Taylor – marine parks ambassador

A hotspot for marine life including reef fish, soft corals and sponges, the Investigator Marine Park offers a rich, and sometimes rare, look at the area’s marine ecosystem.

Rugged and windswept, the park runs from the area south of Elliston to near Point Drummond and the offshore islands of the Investigator Group Conservation Park.

The warm waters from the west meet cool waters from the east in the park, creating an ideal environment for the various reef fish such as western blue groper, western blue devil and harlequin fish that live here.

The park’s thunderous surf beaches, sandy plains and cliffs are popular with locals and visitors, who come to fish, swim, surf and take in the beautiful coastline. Reefs featuring caverns and boulders provide plenty of great experiences for divers - be sure to look out for the rare light-emitting golden roughy which is found no where else in the world.

Home to the Investigator Group Wilderness Protection Area, the park also has a number of breeding colonies for both Australian sea lions and long-nosed fur seals, and is often visited by great white sharks that come to feed.

Don’t miss out on the popular Australian Salmon Fishing Championship that is held in the region every year.

Access to the Investigator Marine Park is from Elliston, Anxious Bay, Sheringa and Point Drummond.

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