Fleurieu Peninsula

Some of Australia’s best-preserved ocean wilderness can be found in the Encounter Marine Park, including amazing dive sites, spectacular reefs that are home to a variety of unique fish and crustaceans, and vitally important fish breeding and nursery areas. The park also protects an internationally recognised whale breeding site near Victor Harbor.

The Aldinga Reef, which has been a protected area since 1972, is recognised as one of Australia’s best dive sites, its abundance of colourful reef fish making it a favourite with diving enthusiasts. Fishing from boat and beach is also popular in the region.

The Fleurieu Peninsula is one of South Australia’s favourite playgrounds, offering everything from whale watching to wine tasting, beautiful beaches to biplane acrobatics. The area features some of the state’s favourite surf breaks and there is always the opportunity to walk or relax on the sandy beaches.

Fish nurseries in the Bay of Shoals and Pelican Lagoon on Kangaroo Island support the area’s recreational and commercial fishing sector, meaning you can dip a line for everything from salmon to squid.

Important information - all vessels must keep a distance of 300m from any marine mammal within the Encounter Bay whale calving and nursery area.

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Significant species

Southern right whale

Southern right whales visit the region to breed and are often seen from the coast near Victor Harbor during winter.

Australian sea lion

The Pages Islands support a breeding colony of Australian sea lions, one of the rarest sea lions in the world.

Leafy sea dragons

With their beautiful leaf-like appendages, leafy sea dragons are South Australia’s marine emblem.

Parks in the Fleurieu Peninsula region