Upper Gulf St Vincent

The Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park offers plenty of opportunities to explore the coastal habitats that support the variety of marine species that visit the area.

The park features wetlands of national importance, including the Light River Delta, which is considered one of the most ecologically-intact mangrove and saltmarsh systems in South Australia.

Located north of Parara Point to the northern end of Port Gawler Beach, the park feature a major fish nursery and spawning ground, ensuring thousands of juvenile fish and other animals survive their first season.

Beyond these nurseries are great fishing spots, with blue crab, snapper and yellowfin whiting regularly caught in these waters.

You can also dive among the protected pipe fish that live in the sea grass habitats of this park or the razor fish beds in the intertidal mudflats and near-shore seagrass meadows. Look out for the uncommon magpie fiddler ray which has not been recorded elsewhere. The shipwrecks that lie on the sea bed also offer an interesting insight into life at sea gone by.

Access to Upper Gulf St Vincent Marine Park is from Ardrossan, Port Wakefield, Port Arthur, Port Parham and Thompsons Beach.

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