Upper South East

Known for its long beautiful coastline, tall cliffs and platform reefs, the Upper South East Marine Park is an ideal spot to watch the various marine and bird life that visit the waters.

Part of the iconic Coorong Beach system, the park is a vital meeting point for different marine animals that feed upon the region’s nutrient-rich water from the Bonney Upwelling. The significant seagrass area also offers an important habitat for fish breeding and shelter.

Fishing (both recreational and commercial) is popular in the park with prized catches being abalone, rock lobster, giant crab and scale fish. You can join a number of fishing charters that work within the area.

The park is also a great place to view the migratory and resident shorebirds that often rest here to feed, especially along the Coorong Beach South, which is an internationally-recognised bird habitat.

Access to the Upper South East Marine Park is from Kingston, Robe and Boatswains Points, as well as the Coorong National Park and Little Dip Conservation Park.

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