Fishing in South Australia offers an exciting challenge for everyone - from the novice and families through to the seasoned angler. Fishing experiences in marine parks include the raw power of surf beaches, your own closely-held offshore spot, or casually fishing from a jetty or breakwater with the kids.

Five iconic South Australian fishing adventures that you can enjoy in marine parks

When heading out to fish in a marine park, it’s important to be responsible. While there are no licences required to fish in a marine park, you do need to make sure you are fully equipped with the knowledge to make your fishing adventure not only a fun one, but a safe and responsible one.

Five tips for responsible fishing in a marine park

  • Be aware of the sanctuary zones. Respect the areas where you can and can’t fish. Sanctuary zones do not allow you to remove any fish and also have regulations about boat cleaning and releasing bilgewater
  • Be aware of marine mammals such as seals, sea lions and dolphins and seabirds
  • Make sure you know about catch limits and legal lengths for the fish species you are targeting
  • Teach any children in your group the importance of ocean safety
  • Make sure you’re aware of any seasonal closures – PIRSA's recreational fishing web page can help