SA Fishing app

Everything you need to know about where you can fish in our marine parks is at your fingertips with the free SA Fishing app.

The app includes the state’s marine park sanctuary and restricted access zones and what fishing restrictions apply within these zones. Once you’ve installed the app it will work without mobile coverage, so when you are out in your boat you can see your current location and will be alerted if you are in a sanctuary zone. You will need to refresh the app or close the app and open it again each time you need to get your current location as the app does not provide your real time position. The app was designed this way to minimize battery usage.

To find out where you are in relation to the zones: open the app, click on Closures, then select Closures Mapping; you will then be able to navigate around the map of the state (the blue dot is your current location, the green areas indicate sanctuary zones and the red areas indicate restricted access zones).

Other features of the app include:

  • report offences occurring in a marine park sanctuary zone
  • up-to-date rules for fishing in South Australia
  • legal bag limits, size limits and fishing rules
  • searchable list of species currently affected by size or bag limit restrictions
  • full colour fish illustrations
  • fishing gear illustrations and descriptions
  • aquatic reserves and area restrictions
  • Lltest marine weather and warnings
  • a personal Angler Diary that enables you to photo record your catches and list your favourite fishing spots
  • Lltest information on alerts and season reminders from PIRSA’s Fisheries and Aquaculture Division.

For more information about the app visit the PIRSA website.

Download the free SA Fishing app

Download app from Google Play (for Andriod devices)
Download app from iTunes App Store (for Apple devices)
Download app from Windows Store (for Windows devices)

The app requires Apple operating systems iOS5 and above, Windows phone 7, and Android version 2.3 and above.

My Parx App

The My Parx app is no longer being updated with the current marine park and sanctuary zone information. Download the free SA Recreational Fishing Guide app to stay up-to-date with the latest details.