South Australia has almost 5,500km of coastline and a host of opportunities for boating enthusiasts.

Our 19 marine parks provide some beautiful scenic locations to enjoy from your boat. The parks have been designed to protect not only our environment for future generations, but also the enjoyment of our unique natural beauty and resources for today.

There are many opportunities to take your boat to locations as diverse as they are beautiful. The state’s two gulfs are filled with seagrass beds, islands and deep water that attract a host of marine mammals. The coastline runs from the endless beaches of the Coorong through to the rugged coastline of the far west.

Boating activities in our marine parks include:

  • Fishing - Take your boat out into either of South Australia’s two gulfs and try to land a snapper or King George whiting.
  • Cruising and exploring - One of the advantages for boat owners in a marine park is that at times you can be isolated, allowing a full appreciation of the diverse and beautiful marine environment. For exploring options, why not try the east coast of Kangaroo Island (in the Encounter Marine Park), which is sheltered and has a very scenic coastline with calm bays. You could also head out from a coastal town on the Eyre Peninsula and explore one of the Sir Joseph Banks Islands or the Nuyts Archipelago marine parks. Explore any of the 200 islands (and another 400 emergent islands) in South Australia’s state waters and find prolific wildlife ranging from seals, sealions and dolphins through to majestic sea eagles.
  • Diving - There’s simply no better way to experience South Australia’s marine parks than exploring the many reefs, ship wrecks and other underwater wonderlands that lie beneath the waves.
  • Pleasure boating and water sports - Enjoy the open space of open water through a range of water activities from jetskiing through to wakeboarding and skiing.

For more information and to ensure your boating trip is safe, fun and unforgettable, view the list of our marine parks or the OnDeck website.

Three things boaties need to know about sanctuary zones

  • For general recreational boating you can travel through and even anchor in a sanctuary zone. While you can’t fish in a sanctuary zone from 1 October 2014, you can take fishing gear and fish caught elsewhere through a zone.
  • Sanctuary zones are about enjoying the marine life in many different ways and are a great place to view the beauty underwater by diving or snorkelling.
  • The sanctuary zones protect our environment in many ways. If you are in a sanctuary zone in your boat, please don’t leave any rubbish behind. Boats are also required to not pump out bilge water, and you can’t wash down your vessel and leave the wash-down water behind.