Nuyts Archipelago

Dive into the largest marine park in South Australian state waters and discover the local marine life that call Nuyts Archipelago home.

The park includes the Nuyts Reef complex, Fowlers Bay, the islands of the Nuyts Archipelago, and adjacent coastal bays, and is home to significant expanses of seagrass meadows.

Under the warm waters you can marvel at the reef fish and colourful reefs. Keep an eye out for the leatherback turtles that occasionally visit the area. While above the water, enjoy casting a fishing line into the open sea, or watching the southern right whales, Australian sea lions and long-nosed fur seals that frequent the area.

The park is also home to the Nuyts Archipelago Wilderness Protection Area, which is a haven for rare and endangered wildlife.

Access to the Nuyts Archipelago Marine Park is from Ceduna, Thevenard, Denial Bay, Smoky Bay, Davenport Creek, Point Sinclair, Fowlers Bay and Nadia Landing.

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