West Coast and Eyre Peninsula marine parks

Australian sea lions

Australian sea lions usually breed on islands, although we have a rare mainland breeding colony along the base of the Bunda Cliffs in the Nullarbor National Park. These intelligent mammals are swift hunters in water, but on land they love to sun themselves on rocks.


Bottlenose and common dolphins breed and calve in the Thorny Passage Marine Park. They are inquisitive, intelligent marine mammals and will often approach boats of all sizes.


Several species of nudibranch, invertebrates also known as sea slugs, are found around Nuyts Archipelago Marine Park. Their bright colours and languid movements make them a favourite with divers.

Sea eagles

Sea eagles are large birds of prey that nest and feed along the coast. Beautiful grey-and-white birds that mate for life, they can be seen swooping down to snatch fish from the surface of the sea.

Great white shark

A number of species of shark, including the bronze and dusky whalers, the smooth hammerhead and the great white shark, use the area as a feeding ground. Adult great white sharks can grow to nearly 6 m long, and weigh more than 2,000 kg. The Neptune Islands Group (Ron and Valerie Taylor) Marine Park is a great place to see them.

Weedy sea dragons

With their long bodies and leafy appendages, weedy sea dragons come from the same family as sea horses and pipe fish. They are usually found in seagrass meadows and on reefs.

Western blue groper

The western blue groper is found in reef areas around the West Coast. A favourite with divers, it can reach 1.7 m and weigh up to 40 kg and will live in the same small area for many years.