Lower Yorke Peninsula

Cast your line into the waters of the Lower Yorke Peninsula Marine Park, where excellent fishing spots abound.

Located around the heel of Yorke Peninsula, from Point Davenport Conservation Park to Stansbury, the park includes Troubridge Island and the surrounding shoals.

The region contains the only two estuaries where fresh water meets the sea on the peninsula: Salt Creek and the nationally-listed wetland, Point Davenport. Both provide nursery areas for many important fish species, including King George whiting and yellow-eye mullet.

Away from the fish nurseries are the Edithburgh boat ramp and Troubridge fishing grounds, which are highly popular among locals and tourists in search for the catch of the day.

Bird enthusiasts will enjoy a visit to Troubridge Island where more than 40 species of shorebirds have been recorded, and along the cliffs rest important nesting sites, including the white-bellied sea eagle and osprey.

Several charter boats operate within the park boundaries and offer fishing, diving and visits to Troubridge Island.

Access to Lower Yorke Peninsula Marine Park is from Edithburgh and Port Moorowie.

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