Far West Coast

A critically-important breeding and calving area for the endangered southern right whale, the Far West Coast Marine Park is a popular whale watching destination.

Situated between the Western Australian border and the Tchalingaby Sandhills, the park’s waters provide a safe haven for the whales that return every year between May and October to breed, give birth and raise their young.

The park also includes areas of strong cultural significance to the Mirning, Wirangu and Yalata Aboriginal people and is part of the Far West Coast Native Title Claim.

King George whiting, southern garfish, southern calamari and blue swimmer crab are popular fishing catches in the park, although fishing is limited when the whales are present in the area. Please refer to the park’s recreation map for information regarding where and when you can fish throughout the park.

The park is also abundant with unique marine life, from Australian sea lions to tropical species of basket star, sea cucumber and fish. You may even catch a glimpse of pregnant female school sharks that are known to gather in the area.

Access to the Far West Coast Marine Park is from Nullabor National Park, Head of Bight Visitor Centre, Yalata Indigenous Protected Area and Wahgunyah Conservation Park.

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