Franklin Harbor

Stunning dives can be found within the waters of the Franklin Harbor Marine Park, which is listed as a wetland of national importance.

Located on the central western side of Spencer Gulf, between Gibbon Point and Munyaroo Conservation Park, the park is at the intersection of several distinct environments and shaped by the more saline, warmer waters of Upper Spencer Gulf. The park features one of South Australia’s most important nurseries for King George whiting, as well as for prawns, sardines, scalefish and blue swimmer crabs.

Divers will be spoilt for choice, from the various species of sea dragons, rare types of seagrass, to the unique, large colonies of the stony coral Plesiastrea versipora, which can grow to 3 meters in diameter. The park is also home to rare stromatolites, which are mineral formations often made by blue-green algae and represent some of the oldest examples of life on earth.

Fishing is also popular in the sheltered waters of the park, both on land and by boat. Look out for the Australian sea lions that bask in the sun, and the local and migratory shorebirds that come here to breed.

Access to Franklin Harbor Marine Park is from Cowell, Port Gibbon and Lucky Bay.

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