South Australia’s creatures and plants are protected at four levels, each with their own level of protection. There are general managed use zones, habitat protection zones, sanctuary zones and restricted zones and each one is designed to achieve a different outcome.

Sanctuary zones make up only about six per cent of our state waters, leaving plenty of places to wet a line.

What do the zones mean?

General managed use - no change to existing use, but managed as part of the park. All recreational activities, including fishing, are allowed.

Habitat protection - protects the sea floor. All recreational activities, including fishing, are allowed. Prawn trawling is prohibited from March 2013.

Sanctuary zones -areas of high conservation value set aside for conservation and low-impact recreation. No fishing is allowed in these zones from 1 October 2014, but diving, surfing, swimming etc are welcome.

Restricted access - areas that are off limits to the public (no entry).

Where are the zones?

There are a number of resources to help you find where the zones are in each marine park, whether you’re on land or out in your boat.

You can download maps and GPS data to help navigate your way through each park.