World Oceans Day 2017

World Oceans Day is Thursday 8 June 2017.

World Oceans Day celebrates the ocean and this year we are encouraging the solution to plastic pollution and preventing marine litter. The theme is Our Oceans, Our Future.

Did you know that southern Australia’s marine life is more diverse than the Great Barrier Reef, with about 85% of species not found anywhere else in the world? Our marine life is unique, making our marine life very special and worth protecting.

In South Australia our 19 marine parks have been in place for nearly five years and they help protect our precious marine life. 6% of our state waters are protected in restricted access zones and sanctuary zones. These areas are like national parks of the sea and are no-take zones.

Marine parks are internationally recognised as an important tool to protect marine environments whilst allowing for a range of recreational and commercial activities. We are working to protect the health of whole marine ecosystems, not just particular species.


Here are some fun and educational activities that will entice you out and about in our marine parks for World Oceans Day:

Visit World Oceans Day website for further activities across Australia.

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