Seaweek 2016

3-11 September 2016

Come and celebrate the sea during Seaweek.

This year’s theme is ‘The earth has one big ocean with many features’ so join us in exploring the amazing plants and animals that live in the ocean.

Things to do during Seaweek:

Did you know that:

  • our marine environment spans the longest stretch of south-facing coastline in the Southern Hemisphere
  • there is a higher level of diversity here than at the Great Barrier Reef. In fact, 85% of southern Australia’s marine flora and fauna species are found nowhere else in the world
  • South Australia’s marine fauna and flora include both the cold temperate biota of south-eastern Australia and the transitional warm to cool temperate biota of southern Western Australia
  • our two large, sheltered tidal gulf ecosystems contain some of the largest areas of temperate, mangrove, seagrass and tidal saltmarsh communities in Australia and the world
  • our two large gulfs are rare inverse estuaries and one of two places in the world that have dodge tides
  • marine parks have been designed to protect examples of all known marine habitats and ecosystems.

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