Temporary prohibition of activities within areas of Encounter Marine Park

The following activities are prohibited within Encounter Marine Park has been extended for a further 90 days from 6am on Friday 19 March 2015.

The public is prohibited from entering, remaining in or undertaking any activity in the following parts of Special Purpose Area 8 (SPA-8):

  • The whole of the Younghusband Peninsula west of a line transecting the marine park north to south at Barkers Knoll, coordinate 138.898474° E, 35.559926° S, to and including its tip at the mouth of the Murray River.
  • All areas within a 5 metre radius of a perimeter formed by buoy lines and/or markers surrounding any dredging plant or equipment within the waters of SPA-8.

The purpose of the prohibition is to ensure public safety whilst dredging operations continue in the vicinity of the Murray Mouth and in those channels leading to the Murray Mouth within the marine park during the period indicated.

Contact for this prohibition is Jarrod Eaton, Manager – Water Resource Operations on (08) 8463 7927.