Get marine-park ready for 1 October

Boat Show visitors can collect their free marine park maps, smartphone app and GPS data CD-ROM to prepare for 1 October, when fishing restrictions in marine park sanctuary zones take effect.

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources Marine Parks Manager Chris Thomas said DEWNR staff would be on hand to ensure people got the right maps and GPS information.

“GPS devices have been popular in the community for a long time now, and many fishers rely on them to find their favourite fishing spots,” Chris said.

“Information on sanctuary zone locations is available for individual zones and for entire marine parks, so you can choose to download whatever suits your GPS device and your needs.

“Many boaties also take their smartphones to sea with them these days, so we developed an app that enables them to access maps and zone information.

“You can even set it so that your phone sounds an alert when you enter a sanctuary zone.

“The app caters for both iPhone and Android users and can be downloaded from”

South Australia has a network of 19 marine parks designed to conserve and protect vulnerable marine life and habitat in much the same way as national parks already protect plants and animals on land.

From 1 October, fishing will not be allowed inside sanctuary zones, but fishing is still welcome in other areas of marine parks.

Sanctuary zones make up just under 6 per cent of the state’s waters, leaving plenty of places, both inside marine parks and out, for fishers to wet a line.

Chris said for anyone unable to make it to the Boat Show, links to free maps and GPS coordinates are available online.

“There are detailed instructions, but if you have any trouble, you can always call us on (08) 8124 4900 or toll free on 1800 006 120,” he said.

Visit the Adelaide Boat Show website.