New features for the My Parx app

Three new features have been added to South Australia’s 19 marine parks in the free My Parx app.

What are the new marine parks features?

  • Updated static custom maps of each marine park that include all marine park zones.

  • New marine park zone overlays on the GPS marine parks maps allow you to identify and track your location within a marine park and see where you are in relation to the following zone types:
    • Sanctuary zones
    • Restricted access zones
    • Commonwealth Marine Reserve zones (adjacent to marine parks)
    • Existing aquatic reserves (within marine parks)
    • Shore-based recreational line fishing exemptions within some sanctuary zones
  • You can opt to receive marine park zone alerts when you enter a zone that provide information including restrictions and key dates. Alerts can be turned on and off in settings at anytime.

Please note that My Parx is not a stand-alone marine parks app. My Parx is a world-wide app that hosts information on thousands of parks in a number of countries, including South Australia’s 19 marine parks and 20 of the most popular land-based national and conservation parks.

In addition to the three new marine parks features, My Parx provides a basic introduction and description for each park, plus key features and access points.

My Parx is an educational tool and should not be used for navigational or compliance purposes.

Get the free My Parx app for iPhone and Android.

What if I find errors on the My Parx app?

As we are in the Beta testing phase of these new features we will be updating the app and fixing errors as they are brought to our attention.

If you find errors or have questions or feedback about the new marine parks features on the My Parx app please contact us. Be sure to specify whether you are using the iPhone or Android version of the app and which marine park you are referring to.

Where can I find more information?