Marine Park management plans and zoning finalised

South Australia’s 19 marine parks have had their management plans and zoning finalised.

The announcement was made on November 29, 2012 by Premier Jay Weatherill, Minster for Sustainability, Environment and Conservation Paul Caica and Fisheries Minister Gail Gago.

The announcement marks the end of a long consultation process to seek community input on developing a system of marine parks which will help to conserve South Australia’s precious marine environment, while still allowing people to enjoy their favourite recreational activities.

The zones now finalised in each park will enable different activities.

Sanctuary zones have been carefully designed and placed to protect animal and fish breeding and feeding areas and unspoiled habitats.

While fishing is not permitted in sanctuary zones, South Australians can still enjoy their favourite recreational activities such as swimming, boating and diving within these areas. In all other areas of the parks, fishing is allowed, along with the other recreational activities available.

The sanctuary zones have also been designed to avoid productive commercial fishing areas where possible to ensure the sustainability of this important South Australian industry.

The zoning will be phased in over two years to give people time to understand and adapt to the changes.

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