Dive into South Australia's Marine Parks

South Australia’s rugged outback and spectacular coastline are world renowned tourist destinations, but did you know that just below the surface of our seas are some of the best dive spots in the world too?

The marine environment off the coast of southern Australia is unique. We have a greater variety of sea life than the Great Barrier Reef – more than 80% of the life found in southern Australian waters exists nowhere else in the world.

There are many places to see magnificent reef fish like blue groper or harlequin fish, crustaceans or the brilliant colour of ascidians (sea squirts), fan corals and algal communities.

You can swim with sea lions, or be brave and swim with a great white shark (from the safety of a cage of course!) at the world-renowned Neptune Islands in the Ron and Valerie Taylor Marine Park.

Alternatively, you can just glide about the seagrass or, if you’re really lucky, witness the breeding migration of the giant Australian cuttlefish in the Upper Spencer Gulf.

For more information about diving opportunities, take a look at South Australia’s marine parks.

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