GPS data capability statement

GPS data capability statement

GPS data capability statement

Capability and accuracy statement for boundary definition of South Australia’s Marine parks GPS data products

Line accuracy

The lines dataset/s have been simplified in order to reduce the number of track points required for detailed lines. This allows more features to be loaded into your GPS unit or Marine Chart Plotter, as these devices have track point number limitations of varying sizes. As a result the lines may be up to 10 metres from their defined position as stored in the original Geographic Information System (GIS) dataset. The legally defined points of all lines remain in their defined location as stated in the individual Marine Park Management Plans.

GPS accuracy

Most GPS manufacturers state the accuracy of their standard GPS receivers to be within +/- 10 metres of the true ground coordinate. Check with your manufacturer for your device's accuracy.

Liability for GPS units

Department of Environment, Water and Natural Resources does not accept any responsibility or provide any liability for any damage to, or loss of data from GPS hardware resulting from use of this data. It is the responsibility of the user to ensure the compatibility and protection of any hardware used in conjunction with said data.


Although every effort has been made to ensure the correctness and accuracy of the Dataset, the Supplier makes no representations, either express or implied, as to the accuracy, currency, completeness or suitability for any particular purpose of the information and accepts no liability for any use of the Dataset or any responsibility for any reliance placed on that information. The user acknowledges that the Dataset cannot be guaranteed error free and that use of the Dataset is at the user’s sole risk and that the information contained in the Dataset may be subject to change without notice.