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Understanding the effectiveness of marine parks

Marine parks provide a range of conservation, educational, recreational and economic benefits. The South Australian Government started the implementation of management plans for each of South Australia's 19 multiple use marine parks in 2012. The plans include specific zoning arrangements and management strategies, and are required to be reviewed within 10 years. A monitoring, evaluation and reporting program has been established to evaluate the effectiveness of these plans and to support their review.

The parks have been designed to protect and conserve a diverse range of plants and animals, as well as the marine environment where they live. Many of these plants and animals are unique to southern Australia and found nowhere else in the world. The marine parks network is also expected to provide opportunities for new economic endeavours and other community benefits.

It is expected it will take some time for the full positive effects of this major initiative to be realised, however, the enduring benefits will be there for future generations.